Andrii Tkach

With over two decades of experience in software development, I have honed my skills in various capacities, including as a developer, project leader, team leader, and Scrum Master. My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of projects, enabling me to lead teams effectively and contribute to the development of complex systems. I am eager to leverage my extensive background and dynamic leadership abilities in a challenging role within a high-performance, agile-oriented team, focusing on web services or full-stack application development.

In addition to my leadership capabilities, I possess advanced proficiency in C# and .NET frameworks, complemented by a solid foundation in JavaScript, Node.js, and Golang. My technical acumen extends to deploying applications using leading cloud platforms and container orchestration systems, including Azure, AWS, and Kubernetes. This diverse technological expertise enables me to architect and implement scalable, resilient solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern web and full-stack applications.



Todo demo app with containers and Azure and Open AI

Demo app with authentication and IAM service using NodeJS Web API service. BFF for web app communication with external services using Nginx. Message processing with AI using processing service and message queue communication to generate voice from the task text.

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Overengineering in action or how to get 40% requests more

A practical example of why make it complicated when it's better to make it simpler.


Frontend starter with Web APIs and backend for frontend (BFF)

Simplifying Communication in Web Development! Our dual frontend setup seamlessly interfaces with a single, powerful Backend for Frontend (BFF). This central hub not only hosts React.js static assets but also brilliantly transforms all HTTP Request/Response messages. It's the one-stop solution for efficient and unified API-client interactions!.

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Data catalog

Data Catalog with employee records - Create, Update, and Delete data - Read individual record details - Search over all catalog - Frontend to work with data catalog


Shared components library for wen and mobile

Reusable components library for building web applications and mobile applications using React Native Web.


Web components library

Reusable web components library and development tools for building ReactJS applications.


Mobile application content design and delivery

It is possible to design an article in Admin Portal on the web and publish it to the mobile application users.


Social network design

NTTData needs a social networking site. We want a first Draft Architecture proposing the best Azure resources for the proposal having an MVP and taking into account saving as much money as possible. Next we want to know what could be the best architecture, taking into account High Availability, private resources, full scaling, single endpoint with subdomains.

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Extract data from PDF image

Demo application for getting text from an image in a PDF file using Azure AI.


DOCOsoft project

For this test, we are looking for you to create a Web API project. The solution should have the following functionality / features. Create a user record, Update a user record, Get a user record, Use a database and a single table to store the user data, Use of SOLID practices is encouraged.

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Teams API

You need to create simple Web API for Teams management where each team consists of several team members and can work on several projects. For a now we do not have strict data model and quite sure shape and relation between data objects will be changed in future.

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Sport club API and UI

I am the secretary of a sports club. Currently we manage all of our members in Excel and this is problematic for us. We need a new system that allows us to store the members firstname and surname and the sports that they play. Currently we are not sure if they play more than one sport. We would like to have access to this in a central place where we all work on a single application. We may also want our members to access their sports at a later date.

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Throttled Market Data Stream

Market data stream is a sequence of small market data updates for different instruments. Typical rate is up to 1000 updates per second per instrument. Each update contains only updated fields and reflects the recent state of the instrument on the market.

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PointOfSale Code Kata

Implement a point-of-sale scanning API that accepts an arbitrary ordering of products (similar to what would happen when actually at a checkout line) then returns the correct total price for an entire shopping cart based on the per unit prices or the volume prices as applicable.

Code Demo

Email template demo

We used to send emails with plain text. Now you can use templates from MailChimp for email body design.








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